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Our Tree Nut Rounds


Reine artisanal tree nuts rounds are certified vegan, creamy, sliceable, flavorful and nutritious.

They are rich with live probiotics, resulting in natural tanginess reminiscent of dairy cheese but without any animal products. The active cultures will allow your rounds to continue to age and sharpen in your refrigerator as you keep them.


Reine (pronounced “Ren”) is French for Queen. Our vision is to provide a line of premium, plant-based food products made of the highest quality possible, starting with a non-dairy alternative to cheese. Our products are created by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a strong background in food science, filling a need for vegan foods that are more nutritionally sound and with better flavor than are currently available. Reine is committed to using NO fillers (flours, starches, gums or added saturated fats like coconut oil or palm) like so many vegan food producers on the market do to finish foods quickly or stretch production volume.


We source ingredients of the highest quality, spending many hours in our test kitchen revising each food product until it meets our discriminating standards. 

Every artisanal morsel we create is concentrated in nutrition, made in small batches slowly and carefully, using real food and old-world techniques. The result is an artfully-prepared composition of taste that rivals even the best original (non-vegan) counterpart.

Simply, our mission is to create superior, high-end, nutritional foods without the use of animal products, fillers, added saturated fats or artificial anything. 

Serving our


Reine artisanal tree nut rounds are perfect for your vegan cheese plates and platters. We purposely make sizes that allow you to try several different flavors instead of having to choose just one!


We recommend enjoying them sliced with fresh or dried fruit, marmalade, preserves, balsamic or wine reduction sauces, served alongside your favorite crackers, toasts and baguettes. They make a flavorful addition to sandwiches, wraps, pizza, salads or anything you can think of!